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Roselle 500ml Versatile Whipper

£ 17.99
OSELLE 500ml Whipper Whip, infuse, Propel… Using the highest food grade Roselle N2O cylinders (see CREAMS, MOUSSES & DESSERTS Whip Roselle instant cream and mousse powders flavoured with Roselle syrups for an instant dessert or topping and power pipe onto hot and cold chocolates, milkshakes, ice creams, fruit salads and cakes.. let your imagination run with Roselle! SHAKES & FRAPPÉS Pour your dairy or plant milk into your Roselle whipper, add your choice of Roselle shake/frappe/protein powder, flavour with Roselle syrup, charge with Roselle N2O and propel into your glass and garnish with whipped cream and drizzle with a Roselle topping. INFUSE SPIRITS & COCKTAILS Pour your chosen spirit, adding your choice of dehydrated fruits/herbs into your Roselle infusing-whipper (use coconut and pineapple in rum to make an infused piñacolada rum), charge with Roselle N2O, agitate gently and rest it for an hour or so.. with the bottle upright gently release the N2O and sieve the pineapple/coconut and voila! You now have an infused rum to make your piñacolada using the same process! Your Roselle-infusing whipper is now an infusing cocktail shaker! Don’t just shake it, Roselle. Infuse it!