As a responsible and eco-conscious brand, we take pride in our ethical and environmentally friendly food-grade production method. We ensure that every step of the manufacturing process, from N2O to aluminium and steel canisters, is meticulously monitored for errors or impurities.

Our Roselle nitrous oxide will only be produced using the WHO/FAO, FDA, and GB-approved ammonium nitrate thermal decomposition process. The thermal decomposition process ensures that our products are safe and comply with the highest standards. Our manufacturing process is stringent and follows GB/T  19001 – ISO 9001, GB/ T4500 – ISO 45001, and GB/T 24001 – 14001.

Moreover, our entire production process is fully enclosed, eliminating the possibility of unknown impurities during production. This production method allows us to produce nitrous oxide with a purity of 99.9995%, making it safe for use in the food and medical industries.

Our commitment to quality extends to our bottles as well. We utilise annealing for the steel bottles before forming and cleaning them thoroughly using ultrasonic and pure water. The annealing ensures our customers receive the highest quality product, free from impurities or contaminants.

In summary, our ethical and environmentally friendly food-grade production method, combined with our fully enclosed production process and high-quality bottles, ensures that our Roselle nitrous oxide is safe, pure, and of the highest quality.